[thelist] phpMyAdmin for dummies...

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Mar 23 09:22:44 CST 2001

oh hi :)

in times of Extreme Busyness(tm) I activate the 'djc/dan' filter for
thelist in messenger so only posts with my name in them come to the
surface.. lucky you ;)

reading back in the thread, it sounds like you need to edit your php.ini
file(no clue where it is on win32 myself).. find it, edit it, and look
for the variable:


set that to 'on' and see if that helps.. I had the same prob on Unix
with phpMyAdmin and that fixed it for me :)

Shout if that doesn't work and we'll dig deeper :)


John Corry wrote:

> How exactly you escape things with PHP on Win32 depends
> on the PHP app's method of parsing strings :-(   But clearly
> the backslashes are being stripped out.
> Hmm...where do you do this? It isn't in the PHPMyAdmin file...thats all just
> server and error handling stuff. But you're right, the only perceivable
> problem is that the backslashes are getting stripped.
> I wonder where djc is this evening...

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