[thelist] Disability Web Access Policy

Baker, Nick BakerN at mso.umt.edu
Fri Mar 23 09:59:24 CST 2001

	I've moved to a new position, and am now responsible for developing
an institution-wide policy, and implementing a process, that will render all
of The University of Montana's ~500 web sites (containing, we estimate,
~5,000 pages) accessible to people with disabilities.
	To those of you who responded to an earlier request for web access
resources: Thanks--I am in the process of compiling the resource list I
	Now I am looking for examples of institutional accessibility
policies and implementation plans. If you have written or know of any I'd be
grateful if you would share them--I'll share ours as it develops, and let
anyone interested know how this process goes on our campus. I have found
several good university sites/policies via google, and I am trying to
connect with the perpetrators: I'd really like to have another brain or
three off of which to bounce ideas.
	TheList may not be the best venue for sharing this information. If
there is a focused list dealing with institutional access issues, we could
move this discussion there--but I m not aware of one. Another approach might
be to set up e-mail distribution lists of those interested.
	Anyway, I'm hoping I am not the only one working on this kind of
project. If you are interested, contact me on or off list.

Nick Baker
Web Access Officer
Computing and Information Services
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive--Mail Stop 5688
Missoula, MT  59812-5688
Vox: 406-243-2253
FAX: 406-243-4500
bakern at mso.umt.edu 

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