[thelist] builtin CF variables

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Mar 23 16:30:55 CST 2001

rude - 

if you have CF Studio installed, click on the 'help' thing, then head to
the 'help reference tree'.. from there, 'cfml language reference' ->
'cold fusion expressions: blah blah' -> 'variables'(chapter 4)

towards the bottom, most of the CGI var's are

that variables page should give you 90% of daily vitamins and minerals,
but if not, ask back :)


rudy wrote:
> is there a definitive list of the various variables that cold fusion
> supports?
> i know HTTP_USER_AGENT works, and i thought PATH_INFO did too -- at least,
> it used to work, but maybe that was cf 4.0
> there was a page in the 4.0 docs that listed these variables, but i can't
> find anything similar in the 4.5 docs
> if you know of any other stuff besides the cgi variables, that would help
> too -- e.g. RecordCount, which tells you how many rows a query returned, or
> Form.FieldNames, which is a builtin comma-delimited list that i think i
> want to start using now
> also, where is onRequesEnd documented?  i only heard about this one today,
> apparently it's the same as application.cfm except it gets invoked at the
> end of the page
> i really like the cfdocs, but sheesh, why is so much of what i need hidden?
> i do have a cf studio cd somewhere, so if you happen to know that this
> stuff is built into studio somewhere, please let me know -- i don't plan to
> switch from my current editor, but i can fire up studio if it has this type
> of useful info
> suggestions and assistance greatly appreciated

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