[thelist] download time stamp

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Mar 23 16:37:25 CST 2001

Hey Liz - 

Downloaded through what protocol? HTTP, FTP? If its HTTP, the best way
you're going to do it without 3rd party software is to run a bad-ass
script on the access_log from your website that parses for
'downloadable' files like .exe, .zip, .tar, etc.. if it finds one, that
'download' should have a timestamp. you could write a shell script that
does a check every 5 minutes for .exe files in the access_log and emails
you everything it finds(you could even through an AWK script in there to
only get the info you wanted, but thats another topic). if its FTP, you
should have some sort of ftp log, but it depends on what software..

If you can be a bit more specific, so can i :)


Liz Hincks wrote:
> Hi folks,
>     It is Friday afternoon and my brain is fried...
> Is there an easy way to track "the date and  time" a file is downloaded
> from a Solaris server ... from looking at the server? ...possibly some
> kind of script that would fire off an email as a time stamp?
> Does anyone have any good ideas of how to go about this?

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