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liz.hincks at tufts.edu liz.hincks at tufts.edu
Sat Mar 24 09:01:21 CST 2001

Thanks for clarifying what I need to think about.  This is for a "controlled" 
group of users in  a password protected environment...they all have the same 
tools/software and even the same laptop!! There is about 45 of them.  But, the 
problem is they are all over the world.  We are trying to find a quick and 
dirty way to get these users to take a "timed" test.  So, to answer you 
questions...they'll probably download a word document by http. ...

Feel free to give me any and all info on this script I will need to write on 
the access_log.
thanks for you help,

Quoting "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at starkmedia.com>:

> Hey Liz - 
> Downloaded through what protocol? HTTP, FTP? If its HTTP, the best way
> you're going to do it without 3rd party software is to run a bad-ass
> script on the access_log from your website that parses for
> 'downloadable' files like .exe, .zip, .tar, etc.. if it finds one, that
> 'download' should have a timestamp. you could write a shell script that
> does a check every 5 minutes for .exe files in the access_log and emails
> you everything it finds(you could even through an AWK script in there to
> only get the info you wanted, but thats another topic). if its FTP, you
> should have some sort of ftp log, but it depends on what software..
> If you can be a bit more specific, so can i :)
> .djc.
> Liz Hincks wrote:
> > 
> > Hi folks,
> >     It is Friday afternoon and my brain is fried...
> > Is there an easy way to track "the date and  time" a file is
> downloaded
> > from a Solaris server ... from looking at the server? ...possibly some
> > kind of script that would fire off an email as a time stamp?
> > Does anyone have any good ideas of how to go about this?
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