[thelist] Certification

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Mar 23 16:49:00 CST 2001

as far as 'creative' tests like photoshop and graphics in general, i
don't think thats really brainbenches forte.. as for things like SQL, C,
Java, etc - the more 'disciplined and rigid' skills - they're a
nice(although of course, never perfect) measuring stick to see how well
you really understand more rigid things like that. i mean, theres a
shitload of ways to go about creating an image that has a drop shadow,
bevel, etc in RGB mode(i know nothing about photoshop as you can see :)
in a graphics program, but only two or three good ways of doing a
subselect on a 3 table join in SQL.

i guess its the whole right brain/left brain thing :)


arch wrote:
> Hi evolters:
> It was interesting to hear your opinion on Brainbench tests. Actually,
> I was just thinking out loud on web development certifications rather
> than network/db and checking if these Brainbench test results have any
> impact on clients/employers...
> Dunno... I am not pretending to be some Photoshop guru or something but
> I've been using it for 6 or 7 years and the last book on Photoshop I
> read was on v.3... But, anyway, the test was free and I got overconfident
> and jumped in for the test :-) Don't tell anyone but I failed by 7 points
> or so... It was interesting that some of the questions were really tricky
> (if, not to say, impossible to answer unless you read very specific books
> that they recommended for the test).

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