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Darren Darren at imart.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 17:35:00 CST 2001

8:01:39 PM, Friday, March 23, 2001, arch <mayday1999 at zdnetonebox.com> wrote:

<I deleted the original message so...>

a> It was interesting to hear your opinion on Brainbench tests. Actually,
a> I was just thinking out loud on web development certifications rather
a> than network/db and checking if these Brainbench test results have any
a> impact on clients/employers...

I'm currently looking for a job in the UK and have spoken to a *lot*
of agencies that operate in the London area...the vast majority have
asked if I've taken a Brainbench type certification in the area that
I'm looking in.   as if I hadn't then the companies they recruit for
generally ask for either a Brainbench or something similar to be
taken.  Admittedly this is in ASP and HTML so individual creativity is
something of a side issue....but it is something that more and more
people are becoming aware of ('cos it didn't use to cost them anything
to get a Brainbench certification?) even over here


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