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Subject: Re: [thelist] Netscape: Why does the table take the background  of
the table behind it?
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:58:41 -0600
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Wait - wait - I've had this happen before and it made quite a mess!

This was a client who wanted a spiral notebook look (yeah I know - yuck).  I
had the "spiral" as the background in the furthest right td all the way down
the page.  Looked great in IE.....thank god I checked it out in NS before I
let him look at it.  It repeated the "spiral" in every td going across the

What I discovered was that in NS, from whatever point in your page you use
an image background in a td, it figures you want it in every td.

I fixed it by creating a little transparent gif, and inserted that as the
background image in the rest of the tds.


I had a similar problem with the background of one cell going across the
entire row.  I solved it this way
<td style="background: none;">  I put that in each subsequent <td> and it
worked in both Netscape 4.08 and IE 5.5

Kath Heytink
Web Designer
Winebow, Inc

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