[thelist] JSP vs ASP vs PHP vs CF

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Fri Mar 23 20:40:00 CST 2001

In 11:04 AM 3/23/01 +0100, Philippe Jadin bequeathed us these tales:
> > Before this thread even starts, don't forget Cold Fusion, equally
> > formidable in the realm of web programming.
><intro source="http://www.vnunet.com/print/601940">
>"If you want a state-of-the-art website then you've got two basic choices,"
>says Vignette's Pearson. "Option one is you get about 60 per cent of the
>work done by hiring a slew of programmers, locking them in a room for six
>months, and hoping for the best. Option two is buying in software which
>gives you all the basic work plus tools which allow you to customise."
>Maybe you could add the open source Zope (www.zope.org) as it is imho the
>most inovative web app. dev. framework. I insist on the word "framework",
>because with zope you really get more than a scripting language.
>Most common tasks can be build with zope without too much programming. For
>example, you don't need to create a gui to update your website. It's already
>there. User management too. The same goes for templates, database, external
>access (for example with an _ftp_ access to your database of objects...)
>The scripting in zope is done with python. There is also a templating
>langage, called dtml, so you don't easily end up having logic in your
>presentation templates.
>I used php for 1-2 year, and I discovered zope. Everything that took a few
>weeks with php could be made in a couple of hours with zope. Wether I'm a
>dumb guy, or my projects fitted well in zope, I got the results expected,
>I recommend anyone interested in web dev to install zope and try it for at
>least 2 hours (the minimum to understand what it _really_ is). It's 3 mb
>download, and you you can install it in 3 minutes on windows, and 1 minute
>on linux ;-).
>Definitely worth the try.
>Philippe Jadin

I'll definitely try it out, as I'm not a developer I'm always looking for 
quick way to produce effective code.  Would zope be similar to CodeCharge 
<http://www.codecharge.com/index2.php>?  CodeCharge isn't free but does 
offer to produce ASP, JSP, PHP, CF, Perl, and soon ASP.NET.  I could really 
appreciate input on such a tool.
Peter Kaulback

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