[thelist] Northpoint???? (Chicago)

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Mon Apr 2 11:06:00 CDT 2001

being a s.f. user of northpoint, it's hard to hold anything against the
isp (at least mine) as they've been up front and very supportive (i'm not
counting my free dialup connection as a parting gift though).

basically reality is this:

say you "quit" your isp and service cuz they suck and went under and
screwed you.

well,that's fine, cept you're already on re-order with another provider
for a different loop provider (whomever that maybe in your actual area).

so if you leave your isp, you'll have to get back in line, at the end this
time, and wait till all the northpoint kids are back up, then YOU /may/
get service in the next 2-3 months.

a modem sux, but its free -- and if they don't have any actual servers
behind those dsl accts, bite the bullet and go for ricochet.

or we could start the dual modeming joke of win98? :)

grinning and bearing,

	.. matt

	.. www.sweetillusions.org
	.. matt at sweetillusions.org

	.. in our madness evermore we rave - chaucer

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 sales at iibiz.com wrote:

> Several clients have been on the phone already this morning (I'm a
> designer/developer, not an ISP provider!), screaming that they no longer
> have access thru Northpoint DSL, which I saw posted a week ago was going out
> of business.
> I don't know WHY they all waited until their services were gone - but now
> they need DSL like yesterday, to replace what they've lost, and of course
> there's still terrible turn arounds on getting any new DSL service set up.
> Anyone else out there dealing with Northpoint and have any bright ideas?
> Thanks,
> Sandy
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