[thelist] Hiding CSS-related mark-up from non-CSS browsers

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Tue Apr 3 16:41:10 CDT 2001

I (Paola) asked:
> I'd also like to show some CSS-related mark-up but wonder
> if it's possible to achieve this using only CSS.  Is it?

aardvark answered:
> good question... if it degrades to nothing, i'd just use it, but if it
> involves displaying stuff that otherwise shouldn't display, you're
> talking a bit higher level here...
> in my tutorial, i use some basic browser checking to see if the user
> has a >=4.x browser,

Well, my reasoning is (as must have been yours), don't show
options to visitors that they can't actually benefit from.
If they click on it, it just wastes their time as the page
reloads with no changes.

I'm reluctant to use browser detection because the list of
browsers to be detected has to be maintained.  And then there
are browsers such as Konqueror which can send any agent
string it likes, which makes browser detection somewhat
useless if this becomes common in browsers.

So, using CSS to hide the CSS feature seems to be the ideal
solution to me.  Or is there a reliable CSS detect thingy
(like there is one for Javascript)?

Paola, off to bake some cookies

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