[thelist] CSS in Netscape 4 Heeeeeeeelp!

Mehmet Efe Mehmet.Efe at frogdesign.com
Wed Apr 4 05:06:46 CDT 2001


You need to define all three states of the links otherwise the colors in
<body link="#FFFF33" vlink="#0099FF" alink="#993399"> will override color
value you declared in your external linkcolor.css.

A:link.linkcolor, A:visited.linkcolor, A:active.linkcolor, .linkcolor{
color: #FFFF33; text-decoration: underline}

Of course you can define different colors with different classnames.

<TechieTurk />

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>I've added some CSS coded links to my clients site 
>(http://www.galaxyglassonline.com/home.html), and although the CSS is 
>working on the email link at the top, it is not working on the three links 
>in the blue section (policies | why choose...| wholesale info).  I've 
>checked the coding and can't see any reason why it wouldn't work for both 
>of them -- does anyone have any ideas??  I'm desperate!


What do you want to do exactly ?
(First get rid of all your FONT tags. Sometimes they mix everything up. And 
they're deprecated, too.)

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