[thelist] a question

viveka me at karmanaut.com
Wed Apr 4 09:24:38 CDT 2001

What, you have aliensex.com or something?

I would try to find out why people are coming
to this empty site, and deliver that. I'd expect
far more people to hang around in this instance
than if they came there for one thing, and got
something else.

If I really couldn't figure out where they were
coming from, maybe a little something on my
favourite global political issues. I won't be more
specific on this list, as I don't want to start an
offtopic left/right/anarchist flamewar.



At 3:09 PM +0100 4/4/01, Peter Van Dijck wrote:
>What if you would have an empty website that had a guaranteed 1 
>million pageviews a month for the homepage? You don't know where the 
>people will come from, but they'll keep coming, guaranteed. Maybe 
>you can turn that into an even bigger site by having them all come 
>back lots of times or see lots of pages. Anyway: what would you do 
>with that? What kind of site would you build there?
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