[thelist] a question

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 10:14:43 CDT 2001

ad banner clearing house...

highest bidders get the front page, with guaranteed 1 million 

failing that, i'd use it as a place to expound my social strategies, 
like darwinism (like, if your kid watches Jackass and sets himself 
on fire despite the dozen warnings, he's too stupid for society)...

i guess the follow-up question is, why do you ask?  is this some 
bizarre research topic, or have stumbled across a forgotten domain?

> From: Peter Van Dijck <peter at vardus.com>
> What if you would have an empty website that had a guaranteed 1
> million pageviews a month for the homepage? You don't know where the
> people will come from, but they'll keep coming, guaranteed. Maybe you
> can turn that into an even bigger site by having them all come back
> lots of times or see lots of pages. Anyway: what would you do with
> that? What kind of site would you build there? 

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