[thelist] Industry Associations

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Wed Apr 4 14:09:43 CDT 2001

Kath wrote:
> I'm sort of looking for a
> local group to meet with,
> in person, over a cup of coffee <g>.  This is list is
> great, but sometimes
> one requires a little face to face interaction with
> someone who understands
> what you're talking about.  I'm a one woman web design
> team, so I can't talk
> to anyone here and when I talk to my friends
> and acquaintances about browser
> issues and monitor resolution their eyes glaze over <g>.

Have you tried Web Grrls? http://www.webgrrls.com/  You 
meet their first criteria :) According to the site they 
have a chapter in Princeton NJ. Basic membership is 
free, more complete memberships are $55 a year.

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