[thelist] Quick way to import tables from Word/Excel UNFORMATTED?

Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Wed Apr 4 22:40:04 CDT 2001

I've been asked to redesign the company's web site.  Having never tried this
before it has been an illuminating experience.  Things are going pretty
well, and I've signed up with evolt so I can post the site when I've
finished it for comments (if you'd be so kind!)!!

However, we have a large number of tables containing all sorts of data,
mostly in Word. I know that I can get word to save as an HTML, but it adds
huge amounts of unnecessary code, mainly <span> and style="" which I then
need to get rid of to apply the site CSS styles.

I have Homesite, but even when I drag and drop into the HS design view I get
extraneous coding. I believe Dreamweaver 4.0 has a tabular data import from
a tab delimited file - no formatting attached, but it seems a bit excessive
to get it just for this!

Can anyone suggest how to convert tables from Word to HTML with no Microsoft

Mark Cheng
Financial Controller
Ranger Minerals Ltd
Phone 08 9364 8355

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