[thelist] CF: Oh No! CFserver Linux and Access?

Edward Smith smith at ibsys.com
Fri Apr 6 08:56:38 CDT 2001

There is no Access driver for Linux.  There are a few really expensive
programs that can bridge between unix systems and Windows systems, and
allow you to get to Access databases, but they end up being more
expensive then buying, say, a low-end Oracle setup...

You're best bet would be to go with MySQL or PostgreSQL - in the long
run, but I believe that converting the Access database to DBASE, if the
linux version supports that, is probably the quickest.

Since the whole "engine" of access is the ODBC driver, there's very
little chance of it ever getting ported to anything but windows.

Unless you're leveraging a lot of Access-specific features, getting
things running on another database shouldn't be too bad..

Sorry no good news..

Frank wrote:
> Arch! I was really caught with my pants down on this one. I'm running
> cold fusion server pro on a linux box. When it came time to set up a
> datasource, it turns out there's no driver for Access!
> Please, please please someone tell me there's a driver out there
> somewhere! If not, my choices seem to range from dumping a 10k
> investment, or having to buy and learn a new database system, convert
> all my apps, and dbs them move the data around.
> I'm feeling somewhat panicked at the moment. Suggestions?
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