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Subject: PhP- cookies enigma ! 

Hey. I have this script running at 
http://www.cfusions.com/tt2k1/index.php3  and I have a problem with my 
setcookie() function.

You may login under Nicole Baxter , password nicole  and see the 
short-lived ( depending on your connection speed) error message.

  Everytime the login function is called, we always get an error message 
telling me I am trying to set the cookie after the header has been sent. 
According to my script, the header is sent AFTER the cookie.
But then again, I'm new to php.

  I have a tcp/ip dump if it can help,  I can t see my cookie in the dump ( 
maybe cuz it wasn t set?) Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, never 
thought I'd spend HOURS fumbling with.... cookies.

Thanks again.

Stéphane Gosselin
stef at cfusions.com
1 (450) 778-0759
CFusions - Développement Internet Avant-Gardiste

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