[thelist] [thelist digest] Authoring CD to autorun in Mac - PC guy needs help.

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Sat Apr 7 18:10:19 CDT 2001

The only way I've been able to do this is to burn the CD using Toast 
on a Mac. The problem is that CDEverywhere doesn't actually seem to 
write the type/creator information. In fact, I haven't really seen a 
single PC CD burning application that correctly burned Mac CDs.

Yours is probably burning an ISO9660 CD without the Apple extensions 
to the standard.

If you DO use Toast (on the Mac) you can specify Mac and PC sides and 
take care of all of that. And you can set a file to "autoplay" on 
insert. Note this won't work if the user has CD Autoplay turned off, 
but then, it wouldn't on a PC either.

Hope this helps - find a Mac with Toast and burn it there. If anyone 
DOES have a PC solution for burning hybrid CDs that works, great. I'd 
like to know. Then I could buy a good CDRW for my PC and make it 
useful (do all my work on a Mac but use a PC for a storage server ;)


>Using a PC, I've created a CD with an html interface.
>I want the user to open start.htm in the root (or autostart if that option
>is enabled).
>I've followed the instructions in CDEverywhere for creating a hybrid CD, and
>it works fine on my old Power mac 7100 but when I tested it today on a
>friend's bog-standard modern pretty Imac:
>1) it threw up a Finder needs some assistance error
>and when I cancelled that
>2) It threw up a dialogue asking for the file's creator - Word or Netscape.
>OK so I just about knew what to do, but he didn't... and I know another Mac
>user gave up using the CD at this point.
>How can I make this thing MacIdiot proof?
>George Dillon
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