[thelist] dumb browser question

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 9 10:39:29 CDT 2001

no reason to be embarrassed, it can be confusing...

Mozilla is the engine underneath Netscape 6... there are later 
builds of the  Mozilla engine than is in Netscape 6, as well...

so, if you want to test Netscape 6, you just grab that... if you want 
to test just the Gecko engine, you grab that...

i would suggest that for testing, you grab Netscape 6, since that's 
more likely to get into consumers' hands than Gecko...

but that's just me...

> From: "Lisa Frost" <lisa at koolfish.com>
> With all the talk of Netscape 6 on this list I thought I should go to
> the archive and download it so I can test my sites.
> But when I get there what do I down load? (oh the shame :))
> Am I supposed to be going to Mozilla? And then which version?

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