[thelist] a miscellany of links

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Apr 9 22:32:00 CDT 2001

saw mister jakob neilsen on msnbc last night, first time i've seen him live
(other than that dancing thing, which doesn't really count)

today i heard nbci is shutting down (coincidence?)



zeldman is publishing a book, one chapter of which (Where Am I? Navigation
& Interface) is online


somebody on another list posted a link to an accessibilty site, it looks
pretty decent


finally, ecircles.com is shutting down

they had a neat idea, a place for family and friends to share news, photos,
hold discussions, etc. -- for example, they sent you notices when
somebody's birthday was coming up, and you could buy them gifts online, or
you could select a photo that anybody in your circle had posted and order a
mug or t-shirt with the photo on it...

too bad, because i had two circles going for people from previous companies
who wanted to stay in touch...

oh well


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