[thelist] Paying for content (was "a miscellany of links")

Johannah Hubal johannah at hubal.com
Tue Apr 10 08:27:25 CDT 2001

That reminds me ... I could swear that I saw something on JN's site last
week about a subscription service - is he going to start charging for his
alertbox content? I checked his site today but didn't see the line that I
recall reading.

What do you folks think about the future of the 'net as far as paying for
content goes? It seems like newspapers are moving in that direction ... are
we going to see the end of free information?

Boston, MA

[rudy said:]
>saw mister jakob neilsen on msnbc last night, first time i've seen him live
>(other than that dancing thing, which doesn't really count)

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