[thelist] Ultradev FTP weirdness

Bart Posselt BPOSSELT at dineout.org
Tue Apr 10 11:05:56 CDT 2001

The _notes and other folder I don't mind because they're not sent to the server. The weird ones are labeled xyiznwsk and then a numeral added on for a new day.


>>> chris at completeimaging.com 04/10/01 11:34AM >>>
Can you supply us with any folder names? UltraDev has a habit of creating a
folder called Notes in which it stores any Notes you have made about the
pages you have created. You can turn this feature off when you define the
site. I think it is the 3 or 4 option down on the left hand side. As for
other folders, I am not sure.


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A few days ago when I was uploading files using Ultradev's FTP client, it
started creating weird directories on the server that had no business being
there. The directories are empty and they don't show up in the Ultradev FTP
client. The files are stored in their proper location, but the unexpected
new directories are rapidly adding up. A new one is generated each day I
upload something.

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