[thelist] What would you do?

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Tue Apr 10 11:37:21 CDT 2001

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Hi all,

I had a client fax me another designer's proposal the other day. They wanted to
me to send something similar to them as they were considering my services to
design their site. I have worked with them before, and continue updating their
*old* (re-over 5 years) site about once a year. This would be a separate company

They approached me some time ago for a proposal, and I gave them a document to
fill out to get a gist of their project needs. This is one of those clients that
wants to know "how much" before I know anything about their site needs. They
never filled it out, though I followed up twice.

I am very uncomfortable in having another designer's proposal, though it is not
very detailed as far as sections, number of pages or things I would actually
need to know in order to give a quote, however, their bottom line price is there
and an outline of the site's general needs (very general), along with the
designer name and such. I am in the process of drafting an HTML form to submit
to them to see if they will be more specific, to gather what I need to know, so
I can have my own original proposal.

How would you guys handle this as far as the client is concerned? I am trying to
find a way to word "I need feedback from YOU, not another designer's proposal"
in a professional manner ;) I'm not really *itching* to do the site, but it
would be nice if I could get some feedback and cooperation from the client.


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