[thelist] Good place to start learning JSP?

Lee Stewart LeeStewart at bigfoot.com
Tue Apr 10 22:01:37 CDT 2001

> I am thinking of learning JSP and am wondering where to begin. I am also
> wondering if there are any free JSP web servers that I can download and
> install on my computer (win2k pro running apache).

Well, the obvious choice for you is Tomcat, from the Apache/Jakarta group
(http://jakarta.apache.org/).  I installed the latest JDK, then their
download and was working stand-alone in 15 minutes.

In the "real world", you'd want to configure things so that your Apache
server delivers static content (HTML, etc) and Tomcat serves the .JSP stuff.
I never got that going - it wasn't necessary to learn JSP.

One warning I have about Tomcat that I've seen with Jrun as well - JavaBeans
get loaded and stay around forever.  When I updated a bean, the engine
wouldn't reload the new bean.  This forced me to shut down the server and
start it up again.

> I have found a few intro
> tutorials regarding JSP but am looking for some good website or book
> suggestions.

I think this depends on how well you know Java.  I liked "Pure JSP" from
SAMS.  It went over things in a pretty easy to follow manner and has a nice
class reference section in the back.  Other books I saw had too much Java
101 type stuff.

The book went through setting Access up for use with JDBC and has some good
stuff on JavaMail.

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