[thelist] js - top left coordinates of a browser window?

phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Wed Apr 11 07:38:53 CDT 2001

>> sorry, badly explained, I meant the top left coordinates of the window,
>> relative to the top left point of the clients screen.
>> Joshua suggested window.screenTop and window.screenLeft but I'm having
>> diffculties getting IE5/Mac to work.
> In fact it only works in IE5+ Windows, just tested it. So for Netscape (and
> Konqueror) use self.screenX andf screenY, for IE5+ Win use self.screenTop
> and screenLeft, in the other browsers it seems to be impossible to read this
> information out.

I worried as much, think we may try another (simpler) solution which is more
reliable across browsers and platforms, maybe just opening a pop up dead
center everytime, rather than spend hours trying to be clever...ah
well....cheers for everyones help!

> For the updated compatibility table of window properties, see
> http://www.xs4all.nl/~ppk/js/index.html?winprop.html

great site this - cheers mate!

> ppk

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