[thelist] Dreamweaver deletes my tags

John Bedard John.Bedard at trw.com
Wed Apr 11 12:43:40 CDT 2001

No templates, I'm (still) using the Brainjar.com pulldown menu (the older one, not the DOM compliant one, yet).  Sounds like the same problem, though. It seems to delete everything from the last </script> or </style> tag to the first tag after the <body> tag. It doesn't touch anything that's actually inside the <head> or <body> tags.


>>> BPOSSELT at dineout.org 04/11/01 11:26AM >>>
Are you using templates? I've had some problems using DW templates with dropdowns.

My problem is that when I update files that use a template which includes a dropdown, the onclick code is dropped. It's still there in the template, but it gets stripped out in the updated files. And it's not the encire onclick code. It's whatever's between the single quote marks.

Multiple e-mails to Macromedia and other lists/discussion boards were useless.


>>> John.Bedard at trw.com 04/11/01 01:10PM >>>
Can anyone tell me why Dreamweaver 4 deletes my </head> and <body> tags? When I manually insert them back in, DW highlights them as invalid markup.

My files still display in the browser but I'm initializing a dropdown menu in the body tag, so it doesn't fire off.

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