[thelist] revenue programs

Bart Posselt BPOSSELT at dineout.org
Fri Apr 13 12:36:03 CDT 2001

No experience with ad banners, but we've had more success than we planned from Amazon's associates program. I think we made like 100 bucks last quarter. And we don't make it very easy for people to find the links to our Amazon stuff. 

Depending on what audience your site targets, I think finding some type of sponsor may be better. Hardly anyone clicks on ads, and it can be a pain in the butt to keep up with ads. But slap a sponsor's logo on a few pages and keep it there for a month - it's easy for you, less annoying for the visitor, and they get more exposure, which is what advertising is about, not necessarily generating traffic back to another company's site. The hard part is finding a sponsor.

Also depending on what your site is like, you might be able to emulate Pud at www.fuckedcompany.com. He's selling premium info to reporters and whoever. http://www.fuckedcompany.com/services/


>>> Ryan at applicor.com 04/13/01 11:41AM >>>

I've got a site which is starting to generate moderate traffic (over 2000
unique visitors a day - approximately ).

While I don't have any hopes of making serious coin from the site, I would
like to find a way to generate enough money to at least cover my costs which
are only about $15 a month.

I also don't have a lot of time to spend setting something up or
administering it, so I was thinking of joining an Ad Banner Affiliate

Does anyone have experience with any of these programs and is there any
suggestions you can make?

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions in how to turn 60,000 unique
visitors into a measly $15

Is it even worth looking into for a site with 60,000 unique visitors per

Happy Easter y'all

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