[thelist] little javascript help requested.

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Sun Apr 15 21:59:03 CDT 2001

> > XML and XSLT!!!
> >
> > Write stylesheets to make each of those versions.
> >
> > Some possible places to start:
> <snip suggestions>
> Yes, we already generate an XML page, *and* an RSS one.
> And to do it all the "right way" is already planned. In the meantime, I
> gotta patch this stuff. :(
> I'll have a look at your links though, because I'm looking for a solution
> that would be perl-based for now. My main thing is how to generate a
> html page from an XML/XSL pair. I can do it on NT, but I have no clue on a
> *nix server.. If I could find that, then yeah, I'll do it that way right
> away :)

Hmmmm... maybe I didn't make myself clear. XSLT ain't just for HTML. It
converts an XML document to another document. This other document can be
HTML, XML, RSS, plain text, or even... you're .js document. XSLT is just a
method of altering the structure of a document. So, if you want to make the
structure a bunch of document.write's, you can do that.

Seriously, take a look at those links   =)

good luck,


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