[thelist] Aliasing Port 8080 to 80 (was: Rewrite rule "translator")

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Sun Apr 15 22:02:03 CDT 2001

Philippe Jadin wrote:

> Zope does "a lot" more, the problem is that I only have apache running on
> port 80.
> So I only need a transparent bridge between port 80 and 8080. I though of a
> rewrite rule. But I have no idea if this would be transparent to the user. I
> mean, the use ask for page yyy.html, and he gets that page served through
> apache (on port 80), but the content come from zope on port 8080.

Hey Philippe - I'm reposting your question because I think it got lost in
the Rewrite thread. And also because of my incapability to address it.

So folks - how do you specify a domain to answer with port 80 versus port

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