[thelist] Table Update Schedule Answer

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Apr 19 13:31:18 CDT 2001

Hi James,

No siree.  You are absolutely right on target.  The two files, (DataFileA
and DataFileB), are never synched.

That was throwing me for a while too - I wanted them to be in sync.

But they don't need to be.  The report will only run off one datafile at a
time - the latest and greatest.  The "Trigger" [Why do I feel like Roy
Rogers?] file will always tell the report which datafile to use.  The report
will alternate between using one and using the other - whichever has been
updated last.

{How do you know which datafile to update?  (Hey man ... that's IM's
problem. I'm "business".  ;-)  )  I assume that they can script a branch
into the update procedure to look at the *latest* value in the Trigger file
and update the "other" datafile ... but I'm not familiar with their tools
and capabilities. [For example, I have no clue if the *whatever*
(language/script?) used in SysAdmiral or whatever scheduling tool they
actually use will allow this sort of thing ... if not, I'm pretty sure I can
come up with other ways to get around _that_ problem.  Now that I have a
framework that I can see will work I can flesh in the "detaily" things.]  As
an old math professor of mine (from Egypt) used to say, "Min-i-mum Sweat!"}

Happy Trails!


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I don't see
how the tables are ever synchronized. 

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