[thelist] www.dirtcheapdots.com

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Apr 20 19:44:49 CDT 2001

> www.dirtcheapdots.com...   I want all the criticism possible.  :)

hi josh

i get a horizontal scrollbar in a maximized 800x600 window on win95 ie4 --
bump your main table down from width=750 to maybe width=745, or better yet,
go liquid  (i was going to point you to the webmonkey article "sizing up
the browsers" which says 760 is safe on 4+ pc browsers, but on that very
page they use width=770 and possibly some wacky dhtml because i get a much
larger horizontal scrollbar, like the page is about 1000 wide...)

in your Compare and Save sidebar, the middle column has "US" at the top and
"(in US $)" at the bottom -- this will shurely confuse a few people

the whois search results are a little skimpy, eh?  your Help/FAQ page says
"You can use WHOIS to find out the current admin contact email address" but
i tried mine, and it didn't show it

the design is nice and clean, and i like the colours


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