[thelist] Access, Jet, ODBC and DSNLess connections

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Wed Apr 25 16:06:37 CDT 2001

The latest MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component) from microsoft will have the driver you need. There is no reason to install Access
on the server, in case you are wondering. If access 2k is already on the server, then you have the odbc driver you need already and
there is probably no need for the MDAC.

Consult the docs for installation instructions. As I recall, the procedure was pretty painless.


I hope that is indeed your problem, because that one is easy to fix.


- Bruce

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> > What ODBC drivers are installed on the server? An NT4 server won't provide
> > reliable service for ODBC connections to Access2000 without the Access2000
> > ODBC drivers. Could be your drivers are for Access97 and not 2000. But if
> > this was the case the site probably wouldn't run at all...  So my
> suggestion
> > might be worth nothing.
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> It could very well be the drivers for Access97.  How does one install the
> ODBC drivers for Access2000?  I'm pretty sure the system administrator
> didn't touch the drivers.
> (and thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about that detail.. :(
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