[thelist] OT: Great Web Design Site

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Thu Apr 26 15:13:38 CDT 2001

So, exactly how many design principles did you have to burn to get this?

> Subject: [thelist] OT: Great Web Design Site
> Hey Everyone,
> You've got to check out this awesome site for web design!
> http://www.humorchannel.com/webtek/
> adam

<tip type="HomeSite/CF Studio">
Have a template you like a lot and would like to start with on most projects? 
HomeSite/CF Studio will let you modify the default start document. Just save the 
file to the C:\Program Files\Allaire\ColdFusion 4.5\Wizards\custom [1] directory.
Then open studio and hit [F8] to get the settings dialog box. 
Select 'locations' from the menu and you will see a field labeled "Use this 
document when creating new templates". Point this at your file, close the dialog box,
and then open a new template [Ctrl-N]. And there you have it.

[1] by default installation

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