[thelist] multiple CSS definitions

Tommy Martin tommy at vertebrate.co.uk
Fri May 4 08:58:26 CDT 2001

>  I have a list of links on the left that
>are nice and defined in a box that I do not want to have underlined. 
>no problem.
>However, I also wish to have the links in the regular body of the 
>page underlined since most web
>users are familiar with that form of navigation.

I use just use this in the style sheet:

.menu {  color: #FFFFFF}
a.menu {  text-decoration:none}

Anchors in the menu have the class 'menu':

<a class="menu" href="foo">menu item</a>

That way you don't have to bother giving each of anchors in the body 
text their own class.
You can extend this to include hover as well, to give menu items 
rollover effects:

a.menu:hover {  color: #333333}

Hope this helps..


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