[thelist] multiple CSS definitions

Jon Haworth JHaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Fri May 4 06:53:05 CDT 2001

Something like:

a.link1 { font-color : #FF0000 }
a.link2 { font-color : #0000FF }
<a class="link1" href="foo">bar</a>
<a class="link2" href="foo">baz</a>

You can expand this with:
a.link1:hover { foo }
a.link1:visited { foo }
a.link2:hover { foo }
a.link2:visited { foo }


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Subject: [thelist] multiple CSS definitions

I know CSS has been beaten to death on this list, and some of us probably
want to beat the CSS
implementers with that same object.  My question is this, and it will look
familiar to some of you.
I am trying to use multiple anchor styles in a single page.  I have a list
of links on the left that
are nice and defined in a box that I do not want to have underlined.  no
However, I also wish to have the links in the regular body of the page
underlined since most web
users are familiar with that form of navigation.  How can I accomplish this?


thanks to all,


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