Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Mon May 7 13:21:20 CDT 2001

> > <SCRIPT LANGAUGE="JavaScript1.0">
> > document.write('JavaScript 1.0')
> > </SCRIPT>
> >
> > etc. until 1.5 . When tested so, IE4 says it supports 1.3 .
>     Of course one possibility is that the scripting engine has been 
>upgraded to either the JScript 5 or 5.5 version within IE 4. (You can even 
>do this with IE 3.x.) This would give the added benefits of the newer 
>script version, but *not* the added benefits of the newer browser DOM.

Sounds typically Microsoft, so I believe you. I installed IE5 on the same 
computer, so maybe the script engine has been updated automatically.

>     What can make this confusing is that, traditionally, Netscape did not 
>segregate its DOM from its script implementation, throwing them both into 
>the JavaScript bin. So, some things that are commonly thought of as 
>scripting methods - such as document.write() - are actually DOM methods. Of 
>course, this isn't news to you. :)

Maybe not, but I never quite thought of it this way. Of course write() is a 
method of document, but I've always seen the DOM as a way to access specific 
HTML elements and do something with them, so in that definition 
document.write() would not be part of the DOM.

As you notice I frequently use my own definitions instead of the official 
ones because I think the official ones are sometimes far too complicated and 
describe an ideal world, not a world filled with incompatible browsers.


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