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Mike Hardaker mike at angloinfo.com
Mon May 7 17:50:24 CDT 2001

> The MediaMetrix consumer audits are done on *viewability*, not on
> downloads. Of the representative consumer samples who are asked to view
> pages, X% can do so immediately.

Yes, but they do fail to map *usage*.

Because I *can* do something doesn't mean that I *will*.

I, for example (a statistically insignificant number, I admit :-), *always*
press a "skip this intro" button, generally bail out of a site that has a
Flash intro but no "skip this" option, and always go for the "low bandwidth"
(hawk, spit) rather then the Flash-Enhanced Harry version of a site that has
two choices.

Why? Because most Flash usage that I see adds little or nothing to a site,
while removing performance and accessibility.

And if its Flash or nothing, I'll generally take nothing, as the very
existence of Flash typically (note the generalisation) denotes a site which
values form over content. And I couldn't give a Continental about cool
design when I'm trying to find some information. There *are* great sites
that happen to use Flash - and I've found the when looking for great sites
that use Flash - but when I'm actually using the Web (rather than trolling
for interesting design ideas) I never get to see them, because they carry
such a bad smell. A variation on "crying Wolf", I guess.

This is not *really* Macromedia's fault - its product is genuinely great
when used appropriately, and it can't control the majority of times when it
is not. On the other hand, it needs all the crap Flash sites to make enough
money for developing better products...

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