[thelist] max window content size?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon May 7 22:54:44 CDT 2001

> From: Erik Mattheis <gozz at gozz.com>
> I must have stated my question unclearly ... again, differently:

no, i got part of it, but clearly not all of it...

> If I say:
> What is the size of the content of newwindow, taking into account:
> In other words, I could have an image as large as 745x514 and all of
> it would be visible in the window opened by the JS above for someone
> with a screen res of 800x600, no matter where they had their task bar.
> Is this correct ... or am I missing something?

well, no, your math seems right... are you just looking for math 
double-checking?  if not, then my other comment stands, my 
window borders tend to be smaller... and if a user on a win95+ 
machine has big fonts (like my folks), the title bar can be bigger... 
etc... but in general, your math and assumptions seem ok...

> PS - the JS above is just to illustrate - that would open a gol darn
> huge window for some people - best to put a cap on how big a window
> can get. I'd have made that a tip, but I already posted that tip at
> some point.

here's an idea, make the page... post it here... get some feedback 
from the folks who'll actually visit it and give you their feedback... 
even if you're only doing it to find out how big of a Flash movie you 
can stuff in there...

> Man, I've been hammering away at this list today ... this is my seven
> score and sixth post to it today.

not a bad thing, just remember to trim those footers and other 
unnecessary parts of the post to which you are replying...

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