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Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Thu May 10 11:29:47 CDT 2001

Luther, Ron [Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com] asked:

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> Any particular reason for that?

In my case, all bar one web site we do are hosted on the other side of the
country, so local insofar as non-international.

Another venture is hosted with Bluedomino as a test, mainly.

> Are you running into clients with a "buy local - support local business"
> mentality?  Is it just a concern over having normal telephone
> support hours
> coincide with your time zone?  Do you ring these people up that often?  Is
> it a "language" thing - being concerned over hosting on a box in France if
> your French is rusty?

Haven't had a language problem despite having a French company client - the
MD lives over the road from us - but the main issue is support: I like to
ring people during office hours for a quick fix, and also be able to ring
out of hours (plus have e-mail support 24/7) and still speak to someone.

The other issues are currency for payment; tax laws for recouping taxes
paid; and legal jurisdiction - it's a lot easier for a UK-based company to
sue another than to sue in a foreign jurisdiction.

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