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Ryan Finley RyanF at SonicFoundry.com
Thu May 10 17:47:20 CDT 2001

At 05:13 PM 5/10/2001, you wrote:
>Well, since Netscape is MUCH more prevalent among Mac users, this would
>sense since Macs are overrepresented in the Netscape plug-ins category.
>What we really need is cross-tab support to know for sure (should have used

Huh?  Most Mac users I know (except the diehard anti-Microsoft ones) use 
IE5 because it's one of the best browsers out there.  NN4 is about as 
crash-prone on the Mac as on the PC, except it generally takes out the 
whole machine.

>As far 4.2% being low, doesn't that pretty much jive with the market
>penetration rate?

Only if you base market penetration on new computer sales (like the 
industry does - which is wrong).  If you count installed base, Macintosh 
penetration is much higher (because people generally use Macs longer than 
they use PCs, although this is changing).  I have no numbers but it's 
closer to 10% than 5%.

That's what we all need...numbers!

My assumption for higher Netscape use among Mac users is simple inertia.
All Windows machines come pre-installed with IE.  This wasn't true for all
but the latest versions of the MacOS.  IE on the Mac wasn't an acceptable
alternative until 5.0, and that was a very recent development.

But, again, this is pure speculation...show me the numbers!

	Ryan Finley
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