[thelist] IE5 Mac onUnload JavaScript bug?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri May 11 16:07:30 CDT 2001

That works in other browsers? Seems like the "bug" would be in the 
browser that allowed a page to determine the next location of the 

But is interesting problem ... to accomplish what you want this seems 
to work (in IE 5 Mac at least):

submitter = window.open('form.html','submitter','location=1');

function sendMe(thatvar) {
   if (submitter && !submitter.closed) {
     submitter.myform.myvalue.value = thatvar;

<body onUnload="sendMe('variable_X')">

and in form.html:

<form ... name="myform" onSubmit="opener.focus();">

><script language="JavaScript">
>function sendMe(thatvar) {
>document.myform.myval.value = thatvar;
><body ... onUnload="sendMe('variable_X')">
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