[thelist] IE5 Mac onUnload JavaScript bug?

Edd Partee edd at vilocity.com
Fri May 11 13:24:29 CDT 2001

Smart People:
I'm having trouble getting an onUnload event to fire in IE5 Mac. It
works on all other browsers tested (4.0+ versions). I've also tried the
IE specific onBeforeUnload with similar disappointing consequences. I
know other people have experienced this problem (I did my Google
homework ;)). A little help would be greatly appreciated. See code


code snips --

I'm trying to both set the value of a form field (myform.myval) and
submit the form when
the page is unloaded.

<script language="JavaScript">
function sendMe(thatvar) {
document.myform.myval.value = thatvar;

<body ... onUnload="sendMe('variable_X')">

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