[thelist] Pop-up when user leaves site.

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Mon May 21 07:20:04 CDT 2001

Not impossible, per say....You could add some JS code to each link that 
leaves your site that will call you JS popup function.  That is the only 
way I can see it done.  Talk about a real pain in the a** if you have a lot 
of external links.  Ouch.

Another way would be to open a frame.   Have the top frame be 1 pixel 
high.  And just do 1 popup onload.   Just a thought.


<tip - Movie>
Ok, not really a tip, but it's the best thing I can think of this early.

Go see Shrek.  It was FUNNY.  Worth every penny.  Not really for
kids but nothing that would really embarrass the parents.

At 07:10 AM 5/21/2001, you wrote:

>>I want to have a pop-up window come up when a user leaves my website.
>>I have found several scripts that work when a user leaves a "page", but I
>>only want the pop-up to come up when they leave the "site".
>>Know what I mean?
>In practice this can't be done, because you cannot find out if the new 
>page is from a new site. If the page is in another site you're not allowed 
>to read out the location, so you cannot tell the location of the new page.
>So: this is impossible.

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