[thelist] Playing with MIME type (was: Downloading .jpg & .pdf files)

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Mon May 21 17:49:31 CDT 2001

Jakob Dölling wrote:
> I think I know something what you will help: If you're installing win32
> (which version exactly now it is I think doesn't matter), Windows has
> associated gif and *.jpg files to IE - I don't know how to forbid
> Windows to install IE. Did you tried the same thing with a *.jpeg file?
> And, still something: Opera does the same as IE.

Quickie tests:
Netscape 4 - prompt box, Netscape 6, prompt box.
IE5, Opera 5.02, WebTV (!) viewer, all just display.

No, I didn't test jpg/jpeg files, but I am dubious it would make a

The thing is, my associations are what a typical installation would
have. And it doesn't work on a typical setup for the majority. The
theory is sound, but IE is being 'helpful' in a way that does not
necessarily make sense. :-\

I can't see telling people to change their file associations so I can
get a prompt dialogue.


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