Windows-Installation (was Re: [thelist] Playing with MIME type (was: Downloading .jpg & .pdf files))

aardvark roselli at
Tue May 22 23:09:39 CDT 2001

> From: Jakob Dölling <alligotar at>
> BTW: <TIP typ="WebTV name="Jakob Doelling">WebTV is IE5 as
> is a daughter company of Mc$oft</tip>- I did looked it up in my
> personal server logs. Opera seems also to make use of the IE engine.

erm, methinks you're confused on this one...

WebTV is a different animal than IE... *completely* different... the 
core browser was written before MS bought them out... as such, 
you can go to WebTV's developer section 
( and read up on it... after all, there's no 
way WebTV could run the IE5.x bloatware engine...

and Opera does not make use of the IE engine, either... otherwise 
their claim to being the "fastest browser on earth" would seem a bit 

if you are relying on server logs to tell you the browser, it's not 
always accurate, since browsers like Opera can fake their User 
Agent string... also, you'll note a lot of browsers have the word 
'mozilla' in them, which just means that years ago they 
masqueraded as Navigator for a while, and kept in there thanks to 
all the archaic scripts that check on the User Agent (there are 
other reasons, but that's too long of a discussion)...

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