[thelist] CFMail Failure on Linux. Quick Help?

Frank frank at loofahcom.com
Thu May 24 12:54:20 CDT 2001

Hey all, sorry to bug you about this, but I'm in a bit of a time sensitive 
bind. I've discovered that none of the my apps using cfmail send mail 
successfully on my Linux box, using qMail as a server. I don't really have 
a choices as to which mail server to use. The apps work well on an NT box 
using whatever mail services would be standard. Can someone suggest how I 
can work around this issue? Here are the details:

cfmail fails to communicate correctly with my mail server.

I'm using CF4.5sp2 on RH Linux 6.2 and qMail.

The cfserver does indeed make contact with the mail server, but it 
(apparently) fails to send the message in a legal manner, it terminates the 
message with lf.lf instead of cr.lf. Here is the error message from my logs.

"Failed to send the spooled mail file, 
SMTP server replied "See http://pobox.com/~djb/docs/smtplf.html." Moved 
file to /usr/local/coldfusion/mail/undelivr/filetnllNZ.cfmail

Following the URL in the error message leads me to a page with the 
following explanation, distilled here, for brevity:

Error: Bare Line Feeds

Every line in an Internet mail message is required to end with CR LF. The 
entire message ends with CR LF dot CR LF. 822bis specifically prohibits 
other uses of LF.


...incorrectly ending lines with LF and, in most cases, ending the entire 
message with LF dot LF. That's not CR LF dot CR LF, so a server such as 
msn.com will sit there waiting for the rest of the message. After a while 
it'll give up and drop the connection. Your mail doesn't get through.

Heres what I've done to check things out:

I know that qMail functions correctly, having sent and recieved email from 
it using external agents.

According to the knowledge base article 

I've done the following:

1) In the admin section, I've ensured that the connection to my mail server 
verifies correctly.

2) I'm sending only one single email, thus, it's not over the limit.

3) I have full privs

4) I've sucessfully sent and recieved email using another client.

5) I'm using the correct IP, and it pings.

This is the case with all my applications on the Linux box. I'm at a loss 
as to what my next step may be.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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