[thelist] XML > XSL > HTML question

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Fri May 25 06:40:12 CDT 2001

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From: "Jonathan Chard" <jonathan at familygenetix.com>!
> Guess noone knows! TBH I find the CDATA sections pretty confusing and try
> avoid  them.

But we were all hoping for an answer..

> My only suggestion is that you parse your blocks of text *before* they get
> stuck in your
> database, so that when they're pulled out, they're already in the correct
> format.

But that's sort of goes against XML which is for data sharing. There
shouldn't be a need to assume your end result will be an HTML page. You
shouldn't have to assume anything at all about where your data will be

> I'm only a beginner too... I think it's just nice to know sometimes that
> people are listening (hence
> my response).

I think everyone's a beginner with XML and XSL... And yes, I know, I don't
have anything constructive to offer, that's because I truly don't know the
answer. BTW, I cheat the same way as what you were mentionning. I do assume
HTML will be my end result, but I hate having to make that assumption.


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