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Keith Davis wrote on 27/5/01 10:18 am

Just wanted to add a couple of things to Keith's (excellent)

> On the otherhand, he may
>respond to that the way many small businesses do, "Yeah, yeah, I know
>all about that crap and I'm not going to waste my time on it." If that's
>his response you have a built-in safety mechanism to keep from being
>entangled in his violation, without recommending anything.

Make sure that you have your recommendation and their responses
documented, to clearly show that you have fulfilled your duty of care
to your client, and clear yourself of liability.

> When I do this I also keep the amount, customer's name,
>and phone number on the server, just in case the email goes into a black
>hole. Never had it happen, but I sleep better knowing no customer is
>going to be left wondering if his money fell into a black hole. 

This is A Good Thing. However, you'll need to cover it in your privacy
policy & notification, and if you're under EU data protection legislation,
it'll form part of your registration. No biggie, just another thing to
do as part of the process.


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