[thelist] Credit card validation

Keith Davis cache at dowebs.com
Sun May 27 15:18:16 CDT 2001

Martin wrote:
> Make sure that you have your recommendation and their responses
> documented, to clearly show that you have fulfilled your duty of care
> to your client, and clear yourself of liability.

Very good point. Document, document, document. That's one of the
built-in advantages of being a virtual business. I RARELY meet my
clients. Email, email, email, backedup email, archived email.... 

> > When I do this I also keep the amount, customer's name,
> >and phone number on the server, just in case the email goes into a black
> >hole. Never had it happen, but I sleep better knowing no customer is
> >going to be left wondering if his money fell into a black hole.
> This is A Good Thing. However, you'll need to cover it in your privacy
> policy & notification, and if you're under EU data protection legislation,
> it'll form part of your registration. No biggie, just another thing to
> do as part of the process.

I cordially disagree, it is a biggie. I neglected to mention that I do
store such data on the server as securely as if I had the full
transaction there. Habit. But, we do take privacy matters way too
lightly on this side of the pond, at our own peril. Could you elaborate
on the EU data protection legislation, or offer pointers to sites that
can. We may not be required to meet EU requirements, but our public will
be well served if we try.

Thanks Martin


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